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      CN EN
      CN EN

      Kaimi Detergent King Series

      KAIMI DETERGENT KING Collar Pre-Wash

      Scope of application

      Suitable for pre-wash heavy dirt on collar and cuff. Suitable for cotton, linen, synthetic fibers, blended fabrics.

      Product Efficacy

      ● Green and environmental protection: use green PRD high-tech formula rich in strong decontamination factor without adding phosphorus and optical brighteners. ●Strongly remove stain: professionally remove sweat stains, grease stains, grass stains, cosmetics stains, food stains, fruit juice, milk stains and other stubborn scale on collar and cuffs. ● Safety and clothes-caring with mild smell fresh: rapidly permeates and does not hurt the fabric without laborious rubbing.


      350g*1 bottle

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      Method of application

      Common machine washing: 20g per load (5kg); Hand washing: dissolve detergent in water, 10g for 3-5 pieces of clothing.


      Caution: Always test an inside seam for colorfastness. Read clothing reference tag before using. Extra usage can’t improve the cleaning ability. Keep away from children. In case the cleanser is splashed into eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water or call a physician immediately.

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