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      CN EN
      CN EN

      Kaimi Detergent King Series

      KAIMI DETERGENT KING Enzymatic Multiple-effect Stain Remover

      Scope of application

      Suitable for washing cotton, linen, chemical fiber, blended fabrics.

      Product Efficacy

      ●Derived from nature: contains natural coconut oil based cleansing ingredient without adding phosphorus and optical brighteners. ● Multi-effect stain removal: adding particularly active biological enzymes can easily remove milk stains, blood stains, grass stains, meat juice stains, cosmetic stains, fruit juice stains, perspiration, grease, sebum and other stubborn stains. ● Multi-purpose: can be used directly on collar, cuffs and local clothing stains cleaning. ● Safety and clothes-caring: no deformation after washing without hard kneading, it is your good laundry partner.


      250g*1 bottle

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      Method of application

      Evenly sprayed on the stains to completely wet before washing, wait for 3 to 5 minutes, and wash in water. For very few old stains, rubbing by hand or extending the wetting time will be better.


      If the clothing material and fading situation is uncertain, please try before use in the clothing hidden place. Please keep out of reach of children. In case the cleanser is splashed into eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water.

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