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      CN EN
      CN EN

      Reclean Household cleaning series

      Kaimi Reclean Scale Cleanser

      Scope of application

      Suitable for cleaning scale on water dispenser, thermos, kettle, teapot, iron, and electric water heaters.

      Product Efficacy

      Scientific fomulated by organic acids, corrosion inhibitors and other functional components, effectively remove scale, keep the container clean.


      620g*1 bottle

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      Method of application

      Depending on the degree of accumulation of scale, using the original solution to 1:5 diluent. First add20 ~ 60 ℃ warm water in the container, then add this product and shake, makes the cleaning liquid soak the scale layer. For light dirt, after a few minutes, shake to dissolve the scale off and clean. For dirt which has a thicker layer, increase the concentration and temperature of the cleaning fluid, and extend the soaking time of half an hour to 1 hour, then wash the scale layer off, and repeatedly cleaned. For stubborn dirt, hard repeatedly wipe will be better.


      After descaling the container, please confirm that the scale cleaning liquid has been drained and washed before use prevent contact with the skin and splash into the eyes when using, if any, immediately rinse with water. For special material containers, first drop a few of this product to try out, observe the appearance, no abnormal rear can be used. Keep away from children; If swallowed or splashed into eyes, call a doctor immediately.. Excessive use does not improve the cleaning power.

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